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Illinois Divorce: Experience, Passion, Solutions

A quick note to discuss the art and science of managing complex divorce and post-decree cases for my clients.

For me, it is a privilege to represent men and women facing some of the most challenging life changes and decisions, whether they are facing a new divorce filing, or dealing with the aftermath of a divorce (often when the predecree case was handled by another attorney) and problems or issues arise that weren’t managed well in the predecree phase.



Doing this work well for my valued Clients requires experience, insight into the best outcomes and solutions, as well as a passion for the craft of managing family law cases.  I feel that it is critical that to be successful in this work, a lawyer must approach this profession with a strong measure of empathy and passion; the ability to truly diagnose the problems that the case presents, and to provide creative, insightful and positive outcomes for the Client and their children.

Once again, my Illinois Divorce Lawyer Blog has been recognized as one of the top law blogs in the country. I write this blog in part to provide information and support, but also to suggest that after all of these years managing these complex cases successfully, the passion and insight is always there. It is just such a pleasure to be able to be of help to parents and families during some of the most challenging chapters of their lives.


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