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Will County Divorce: Appellate Court Reverses

Throughout my decades of practice as a Divorce and Custody attorney, I have worked tirelessly to deliver the best results possible for my clients with respect to their complex child custody cases. As many of you are aware, many divorce cases with child issues also have significant financial issues, sometimes involving complex financial concerns such as business valuations and allocation of complex financial assets and liabilities.

I tried a case in 2015 and 2016 that had both complexities with the child issues and with the marital property concerns. The trial itself took two months to try, with the trial going nearly day to day for an extended period. Months after the trial ended, the Court returned with a judgment, but I can say that the Court’s conclusions on a number of property issues were seen to be incorrect. As a trial lawyer, I can say that despite the best efforts of both counsel and the Court, courts sometimes do not get it right the first time. This is why we have an appellate process.

Only last week, the Appellate Court ruled that the trial court, in rejecting some of what I considered to be very strong issues (ie: business valuation, allocation of retained earnings), evidence and arguments at trial, erred in doing so. In fighting for my client on every issue, we are now vindicated and the appellate court has sent the case back for retrial on the most important financial issues.

Part of my point in writing this is that when a case is tried, it being tried by my Firm to win. But, part of a trial also involves being strategic, and setting out evidence and arguments that lay the groundwork for a successful appeal, the event the court does not apply the law correctly to the proper facts of the case.

Many divorce and custody cases settle, but some do go to trial. My Firm’s approach is to fight the good fight, and should the Court err in its rulings, be ready to fight the fight again. At the end of the day, it is my client, their life, and the lives of the children that matter and it is always appreciated when justice is done.

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