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Kane County Divorce: BPD Help

I found this post today on a BPD support blog, and it mentions Bill Eddy’s landmark book on Divorce and BPD/NPD, Splitting. The gentleman writing in to the blog is experiencing the surreal and chaotic behaviors of a spouse conducting a distortion campaign against him. His questions may have some resonance with some of you.

” I bought William Eddy’s book on divorces and have read most of it.

I also talked with Michael Roe (who wrote the foreword to the book), but he doesn’t practice in San Diego, — he’s in Illinois, but was very helpful to me in at least getting me to understand what I’m up against.

Maybe I will try contacting his office again, given how increasingly horrible things have become since that first contact.

One big question I have is how likely is mediation with a BP likely to actually work? I thought it was probably going to be nearly impossible because of what she is like, but maybe I am wrong? Also, what kind of security precautions do mediators take?

Frankly I wish I could video record my entire life to defend against her. The loss of privacy would be a small price to pay.”

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