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Illinois Divorce: Parental Alienation Update

I am always appreciative to be a member of the PASG, which is an international association of clinicians, academics, and legal professionals involved in the research of Parental Alienation, as well as the advocacy for better public understanding of PA.  Today, one of the members and excellent advocates in the PASG emailed this to me:

Dear Michael,

Our colleague Brendan Guildea B.L reports on a significant case that has wide reaching implications in the fight against Parental Alienation. Brendan will be one of the speakers at our Online Parental Alienation Conference on the 26th of November 2020.

This case note summarises the 2019 finding of the European Court of Human Rights that the Molvdovan domestic authorities (including the judicial system) did not act with the exceptional diligence required of them or discharge their positive obligations under Article 8 of the Convention, in a case where a mother was found to have been alienated from her three children by her ex.

Part one of the case note analyses the facts of the case. Part two looks at the legal reasoning and implications for Ireland.

There is, of course, no doubt that some parents, particularly mothers, are responsible for alienating their children from their fathers without good reason and thereby creating this sometimes insoluble problem. That unhappy state of affairs, well known in the family courts, is a long way from a recognised syndrome requiring mental health professionals to play an expert role. I am aware of the difficulties experienced in some areas in getting the appropriate medical or allied mental health expert to provide a report within a reasonable time. It was, however, unfortunate that the parents’ lawyers not only did not get the medical expert ordered by the judge, that is to say, a child psychiatrist (although in many cases a psychologist would be appropriate), but, more serious, were unable to find an expert in the main stream of mental health expertise.

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