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Illinois Divorce: Parental Alienation Topics

As a long-term member of the Parental Alienation Study Group, I am pleased to see that there is going to be an excellent seminar this summer on new developments in the field. See the recent post from Dr. Harman. Dr. Harman is an accomplished and awarded scientist and teacher, and has published many peer-reviewed articles and book chapters, and has presented her research regularly at scientific conferences around the world. Dr. Harman’s areas of research expertise focus on the topic of power in relationships: power in how intimate partners influence each other for good or bad. As an applied social psychologist, her work has applied social psychological theories on intimate relationships to the study of public health problems ranging from STI prevention to domestic violence. For nearly the last decade, her primary focus has been on the study of parental alienation.

Aside from her professional publications, Dr. Harman also writes articles for general audiences, such as The Conversation, and her work is republished on thousands of other news sites (e.g., Associated Press, Raw Story). Her 2016 TEDx talk on parental alienation, has had thousands of views.

Dr. Harman regularly conducts trainings for legal and mental health professionals on parental alienation, and has served as an expert witness and consultant on civil and criminal cases involving parental alienation and other forms of family violence.

“I am pleased to announce that we have a draft of the schedule completed for the PASG conference this June (16-18) in Fort Collins, CO. The draft is attached. We had many excellent submissions, and we are happy with the diversity of topics and perspectives that are now reflected in the program. There will be symposium on scientific research and best practices for prevention and treatment of PA, workshops on testifying as an expert witness and advocacy efforts, legal approaches and legislative efforts, and even a father’s day support group (for all parents) for the Sunday of the conference.  And of course, many opportunities to network.

PASG 2023 Schedule Feb 9

If you are unable to join us in Fort Collins, I do hope you join us virtually. Registration for virtual participation is also open.

Thank you everyone, and I look forward to seeing many of you this summer!”

Jennifer J. Harman, PhD

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