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Illinois Divorce: Inaccuracies in Challenging Parental Alienation


The Parental Alienation Study Group has completed a thorough critique of a book that has been published seeking to discount the reality of Parental Alienation. PASG has done a thorough and clinically sound debunking of this book, and the review published by PASG is worth reading by any clinician or legal professional involved in PA mitigation.


A Comprehensive Review of Misinformation and Other Inaccuracies in Challenging Parental Alienation: New Directions for Professionals and Parents
Created by Parental Alienation Study Group
Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Global Action for Research Integrity in Parental Alienation Morelia, Michoacán, México
March 2023

The alienation of a child is part of an abusive strategy of a parent to harm the other parent. The child is weaponized and used against the alienated parent (Harman, Matthewson, et al., 2022; Rowlands, 2023), alienating parents are the parents most likely to have findings of abuse made against them, and they often make false allegations of abuse against the alienated parent to deflect
attention away from their own abusive behavior (Sharples et al., 2023).


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