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Illinois Divorce: Mothers and PAS

Today is Mother’s Day, and aside from wishing all of our Moms a wonderful day, I wanted to point out as well that parental alienation exists with mothers as targets. More often than one might think.

Today, a Mom posted this:

” And please don’t ever give up……There were three of us moms in Nashville, Boston and New York who became fast friends online because we were alienated from our children. It took between 2 and 5 years respectively but all 3 of us are reunited with with our children. Take care of yourself, live a full life and, like us, your children may come to see through the lies the alienator told them to find their way back to you. Sending you love, hugs, and prayers.”

I applaud this Mom’s courage and persistence. Parental Alienation may seem to be a impenetrable wall that isolates you from your chiidl or children, but there are interventions that are successful. Every parent that I have worked with on a PA case has this resolve to persevere, and to never give up. Reunification is a goal that is realizable and attainable. ¬†And, as we all know, children that are aleinated from their good and loving parents are victims in this, too. They may not act like a victim ..angry, resistant, denigrating…but they truly are victims of a skilled alienator with a pathology.


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