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Illinois Divorce: High Conflict PD Cases and Divorce

I came across this podcast that features Megan Hunter, and offers some useful information about Personality Disorders and Divorce.  A significant of my practice involves divorces and child custody issues that feature traits of personality disorders that affect the custody and wellbeing of children. Megan distinguishes between a situational aspect of divorce, where parents under high stress exhibit negative behaviors, and that of divorces that involve Personality Divorces, False Allegations, and potentially toxic levels of Parental Alienation.

Megan is an executive with my colleague Bill Eddy’s High Conflict Institute. Bill Eddy is the author of Splitting and I was privileged to work with Bill and Randi Kreger on the 1st Edition of Splitting, having offered the name of the book to Bill (it was a natural thought…splitting indicating a synonym for a divorce, and the psychological phenomenon that some PDs have), providing some limited content, and writing the foreword for the 1st Edition.


Megan Hunter is the CEO of Unhooked Media – a company focused on relationship and conflict resolution through print, digital, and the spoken word. She is the co-founder of the High Conflict Institute and currently serves on the Advisory Board of the Personality Disorder Awareness Network.

Megan Hunter gives an overview of the most common personality disorders she has seen in divorcing couples, explaining how you can tell whether or not your ex-spouse really has a personality disorder. She offers strategies for setting boundaries and handling communication with a difficult ex-spouse, including how to prevent yourself from engaging when triggered by your ex’s behavior. Finally, she offers advice on how to recover after a long, painful divorce process with a high-conflict ex-spouse.


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