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Illinois Divorce: Why are Traditional Therapies Worse than Worthless for Parental Alienation?

In  my practice, I have the privilege of working with parents who are the targeted end of a toxic  alienation campaign.  The above video highlights the importance of the reintegration therapist, with the reminded that there are very few clinicians that actually have the training and experience to work with “brainwashed” children.

“A therapist that’s going to be helpful to an alienated parent and their damaged children here should have clinical and research experience, at least to know the research completely, and be able to differentiate the weak studies from the strong studies. They also should have a lot of grassroots experience in working with families in high-conflict divorces and forensics. They should be able to have expertise, whether it’s forensic sociology or forensic psychology.

Regular therapists may be able to share some information but they’re not going to be of paramount use in these kinds of cases. You need to look at a professional’s history objectively.” PASG

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