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Illinois Divorce: Parental Alienation Study Group Updates

The announcement of the Parental Alienation Study Group (PASG) comes at a great time, as we start to try to emerge from COVID lockdowns, and restart these important conferences.  I received the announcement below this morning, and look forward to this conference.  “PASG has 700 members – mostly mental health and legal professionals – from 55 countries. The members of PASG are interested in educating the general public, mental health clinicians, forensic practitioners, attorneys, and judges regarding parental alienation. PASG members are also interested in developing and promoting research on the causes, evaluation, prevention, and treatment of parental alienation.”


PASG 2021 Conference 9-10 September 2021
Venue: European Parliament Brussels
“Protecting Family Ties after Separation – NOW”

We are very much looking forward to hopefully seeing you all at the 4th International PASG Conference. Travelling conditions are still uncertain, nonetheless we aim for a full-house and a full program. In case the restrictions will keep us from getting together in the great hall of the European Parliament we will have most of the speakers present In Brussels. Hence the presentations and discussions will be live and accessible online.

Our Conference Board members are very passionate Family Law System Professionals. We are working and living for the prevention of “Breaking the Ties That Bind” (Amy L. Baker). At the conference we will offer a stunning spectrum of presentations on how prevention of psychological and physical harm for children can be effectively prevented and quickly be stopped.

Location: Brussels, Belgium
Date: Thurs 9 – Fri 10 September 2021
PASG After Conference Event on Sat 11 September
Venue: European Parliament, Brussels
Theme: Protecting Family Ties After Separation NOW

Our program includes well-known speakers along with panel and audience involvement. We will look at the scope of protecting family ties, obstacles to prevention of contact loss, prevention in practice, and prevention ideas people will take back home.

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With warm regards,
The PASG 2021 Conference Board

Marie-France Carlier – Family Law Judge in Dinant
Olivier Vanhaelen – Counsellor to the Family Court in Brussels
Ursula Kodjoe – Psychological Expert appointed all over Europe
Silvia Danowski-Reetz – Psychological Expert in Germany

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