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Illinois Divorce Lawyer: Courses Completed in Litigation: PAS

Aside from memberships in leading psychological science groups such as the American Psychological Association, and memberships with Parental Alienation professional groups (clinicians, judges, scientists, lawers), I continue to study and develop professional skillsets in the understanding of PA and how it affects families, and how it can be mitigated within the court system.


Module 1: How Can Parental Alienation Happen?

  • Terms
  • How can this Happen?
  • The Science of Misperception
  • Dr. Steven Ceci
  • Attachment Theory
  • Attachment & PA
  • Attachment
  • The Science of Misperception

Module 2: Parental Alienation: Pathological Parenting and False Beliefs

  • PA vs PAS
  • Probability and Prevalence
  • PA in high conflict cases:
  • Alienation = pathological parenting
  • History

Module 3: 17 Alienating Strategies

  • The Lucifer Effect
  • 17 Alienating tactics/behaviors observed in favored or alienating parents

Module 4: Brainwashing and the Reliability of Children’s Testimony

  • Brainwashing techniques
  • Can You Always Believe The Children?
  • Abuse statistics
  • Detection of Parental Alienation
  • Deterioration: External and Internal




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