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Divorcing in a Recession, and Cutting Edge Solutions.

The following is a hypothetical example, but a very real description of a family dealing with legal issues in a recession:

When Patrick and his wife divorced, they agreed to sell their home. Yet, once a buyer gets close to making an offer, his wife backs off, believing she can buy him out of the house with housing prices (and the equity buy out price) dropping each month.

To complicate matters, Patrick, not his real name, recently lost his job. He is going to go back to court and ask that his child support be reduced. According to legal experts from around the country, Patrick’s tale isn’t unusual. The recession that’s affected every other aspect of America is now affecting family court as well. Clients are returning to court as a way to deal with financial hardships that are affecting their support obligations and property settlement agreements.

Despite the recession, many families need to re-engineer their family structure through a divorce process. Many couples need to separate and divorce. Psychologists that are studying the impact of the recession on couples in marital distress believe that despite financial concerns, couples whose marriages have failed should separate and divorce. Living under the same roof, to save money, is usually not a healthy option for the couple, and the children.

My law office has introduced some new payment plans to allow families in transition to afford the process of divorce. Payment plans, credit facilities, and even flat rate plans can be implemented to allow families needing family law services to afford them. My office has always worked on a cutting edge, creative, cost effective basis. I take pleasure in saving my clients money on legal costs, even in complex, difficult cases.

In a recession, we all have to work together to get through this difficult time of recession, and emerge down the road stronger, financially and emotionally.

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