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Borderline Personality Disorder

New Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall discusses his diagnosis of and treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder.

Much of my work in divorce and custody litigation, along with some research and writing that I have done, has focused on divorce cases with a personality disorder involved. BPD and NPD present in a number of high conflict custody cases, and the tendency of people with BPD and NPD to act out, rage, blame others, and even target their spouse in divorce with false allegations is common.

As Mr. Marshall describes, BPD is treatable, yet very few have the ability or resource to seek treatment, and BP’s are notorious for refusing treatment, even while their marriage and family is breaking down.

I congratulate Brandon Marshall for his brave and thoughtful statements today about his condition and hope that his comments educate and inspire others. If you have a family concern where you feel a personality disorder may be involved, or if there is abuse in your home affecting you and your children that is not apparent to the outside world, please contact my office for an immediate initial consultation.

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