July 5, 2007

DuPage Divorce Cases and Internet Parenting Classes

Technology has improved many aspects of divorce practice and helping families adjust to parenting in two separate households. One example that I think of immediately is the use of 'virtual visitation," that is, using high speed internet connections to permit video and audio contact with low conflict parents not able to visit in person with their children. This type of visitation is appropriate in very low conflict divorces with parents that actively support the other parent's active parenting, and in cases where the nonresidential parent lives a great distance from the children, and is otherwise unable to "visit" the kids consistently in person.

Technology has now come to the Coping and Caring" classes required of divorcing parents in DuPage County, according to the DuPage Family Center:

The Caring, Coping and Children Co-Parenting class is now available
Your clients will now have the option to take the course over the
internet or in person. Both options have been approved by the 18th Judicial
Circuit and meet the State requirements for parenting education in divorce

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