January 28, 2007

High Conflict Custody Cases and PAS

It has been my experience that roughly 10-20 percent of divorce cases involve a high conflict custody issue. A percentage of these cases involve a very serious and negative phenomenon: Parental Alienation. What is Parental Alienation?

The authors below describe PA in terms of an alienating mother, though I have had cases involving an alienating father, as well. Co-morbid with the PAS has been the possibility of an Axis 2 Personality Disorder, and these disorders present in both men and women. I have written in the field of Axis Two disorders and issues concerning PAS. My friend Bill Eddy's book, Splitting, is the best resource that I know of for divorcing parents dealing with PAS.

The information below came from an article describing Dr. Gardner's observations about PAS in divorce cases. Are you a nonresidential parent experiencing PA? Help is available.

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January 28, 2007

DuPage and Kane County Collaborative Divorce

Many divorces take too long and cost too much. Isn't this the lament of so many people...the divorce dragged on, the lawyers fought over everything, the court status hearings were much ado about nothing?

For divorcing couples, one way to achieve a divorce without the acrimony, the time, and the cost is the collaborative divorce. The Law Offices of Michael F. Roe practices and recommends collaborative divorce. What is collaborative divorce?

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